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Social engineering frauds are increasing day by day and in this article we will explain a most famous and most used technique to execute social engineering attack i.e. Phishing.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of attack which is often used to steal login credentials, credit card details and much more. Phishing is usually performed to get the confidential information of the victim that can be further used by the attacker to gain access to victim’s internet space.

How Phishing works?

We’ll give an overview about how a Phishing attack is executed on a victim.

Suppose that you got an email from a domain, which looks like same as that of Google. It says that your password is going to expire in 2 days. Click here to reset your password.

This link can be a malicious link from attacker.  If you’ll click on the link then a new page will be displayed on your screen which can be of same interface as that of Google. it will require your login credentials to reset the password. When you will enter your credentials then instead of verifying with Google, your credentials will be sent to Attacker’s Server.

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This was the simplest way to fool a Victim using a Phishing attack.

Imagine yourself, an employee of any company and suppose you’ve been targeted as a victim of this attack. You can’t even imagine how much harmful this can be to the company and to you too.

So let’s look at the preventive measures to avoid Phishing attacks

How to prevent Phishing attacks?
  • Anti-Phishing Toolbar -> There are number of Anti-Phishing Toolbars available for different Browsers. If you will install this toolbar then, whenever you will visit a Phishing page then the toolbar will check the page link with existing Phishing pages and will alert you about it. An example of Anti-Phishing toolbar is Netcraft toolbar.
  • Think Before you Click -> Nothing will efficiently work unless you are clicking here and there without thinking about it. So, before opening any link you must check that if the link is really from the valid source or not.
  • Updated Browser -> Various Browser Companies release their Security patches after regular intervals, so you must ensure that your Browser should be updated at right time.

These were the 3 Basic solutions that can be implemented on a self-level to prevent the Phishing attacks. Otherwise, there is no Full-proof prevention technique to avoid Phishing Attack. Just be smart and be safe.

Post Author: Amanpreet Singh

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