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An MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) is a wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal. It is a cost-effective software. Merchants can now accept payments from several modes other than cash. The device is easy to use and empower merchants to go cashless! MPOS is also called Mini-ATM.

MPOS Benefits
  • Accepting credit card payments anywhere
  • All credit and debit cards are accepted
  • Cash can be withdrawn (Cash@POS)
  • Enhancing customer experience,
  • Increasing sales opportunities
  • Providing multiple options to pay
  • Anytime customer support
  • Portable, compact, wireless terminals
  • Lower set-up costs
  • Higher revenues – extend card payments where cash was the only option earlier
  • POS / ATM – Enables merchants to act as ATM – reduced ATM Capex


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The cash@pos facility would enable the debit cardholders of any bank to withdraw cash at designated merchant establishments by swiping their debit cards on the Point of Sale (POS) terminals

Cash withdrawal up to Rs 2,000/- per day per card is permitted for Debit Card holders.

This facility is available to the cardholder even if he does not make a purchase transaction at Merchant Establishment.

An additional source of income to Merchant in the form of incentive per transaction.

Saves cost and labor of Merchant for carrying cash to the Bank branch for depositing in his/her account.

No additional charges to Merchants for Cash@POS on existing terminal installed for purchase transactions.


4- Step Transactions

mpos 2


Spicemoney MPOS Device

mpos device

Spicemoney, trusted by over 30,000 businesses offers the easiest way for neighborhood merchants, home businesses, modern retail and NGOs to receive digital payments.

  • Across applications
  • Real-time payment confirmation
  • Bank settlement T+1 day

Spicemoney accept payments using Debit and Credit Cards


Spicemoney Agent Requirements

Spicemoney offers the MPOS devices. The agent has to register by providing the following requirements to Spicemoney:

MPOS block

Spicemoney MPOS Workflow


Commission and Earning

Distributors can set commissions / earning for their sub-distributors and retailers from web portal themselves, thus enabling better business options.


Spicemoney MPOS Features
  • Earn Cash@POS at ₹4 per transaction
  • “Nil” MDR on transactions up to ₹2000/-
  • Standard “MDR” on Debit and Credit card swipe

#Banking Fees indicated above is exclusive of taxes. Cashback provided by GoI to promote digital payments may vary from time to time.


To become a Spicemoney Agent or for any kind of queries, the customer can reach us at:

  • Call us on: 0120-3986786| Write to us on
  • You can visit us at and click JOIN US and order an mPOS device.
  • You can also follow the following steps:

mpos 3

Post Author: Shubhani Rawat

Hi, I am Shubhani. I am a Technical Writer at Spicemoney.

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