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Gold is a universally-recognized means for investors to preserve wealth and protect against financial calamity including inflation, currency fluctuation, market collapse, and societal unrest. However gold is expensive to purchase, transfer, and store. With Digital Gold, you receive the stability and wealth preservation of physical gold and cost-efficiencies and speed of blockchain technology.

Digital Gold is a cost-effective, convenient and secure way to invest in physical gold using block chain technology. Digital gold currency (DGC) is an electronic form of money which is backed by gold reserves held in vaults by private agencies

Sometimes digital gold is referred as holding gold in digital format which means instead of you buying physical gold and storing it, you are buying electronic gold assuming the digital gold you buy is backed with physical gold somewhere. At any point of time, you can sell digital gold at the existing market price and get the money. Or you can redeem for physical gold by paying some nominal charges.

Nowadays, apart from buying physical gold or investing in gold-backed financial instruments such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) etc, you can also now buy gold on your smart phones.

Benefits of Digital Gold

  • It is Real Gold
  • It is Secure
  • It is Quick your transaction can be processed in just a few minutes.
  • Zero Holding Costs. There are no additional holding costs for storing your gold transaction

Start building Digital Gold online with Spicemoney

  • Spicemoney has partnered with SafeGold is an organized and transparent method of buying 24 carat for a safe and simple way to accumulate gold. SafeGold is a digital platform that allows customers to buy, sell and receive vaulted gold, starting from as little as ₹1 according to his wish.
  • SafeGold has partnered with IDBI Trusteeship Services.

How does it work?

If you are thinking of buying gold for a long term investment without worrying Digital Gold is a good option, especially with exciting cash back offers.

Now with Spicemoney Digital Gold Service you can avail the following benefits:

  • Safely Stored Gold in a Brink’s vault (global leaders in gold custody services).
  • Sell gold with one click: You can sell your gold with one click, from anywhere and at anytime.

Steps to Buy Gold on Spicemoney

  1. Enter your mobile number.


2. Enter the asked details and register yourself. By entering the details your SafeGold locker will be created successfully.

3. Enter amount to buy Gold. (Minimum amount is Rs 100).

4. Enter the OTP sent on your mobile. Your order will be confirmed successfully.




Post Author: Shubhani Rawat

Hi, I am Shubhani. I am a Technical Writer at Spicemoney.

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